Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Rosette

For Rosette,
hiding herself
with distance
symbol screens
of any shade you
see with
two a
lie that the focus
of one overturns,
blood from fading
horn of Monoceros as
slain in untold Orion’s
truth of seeking a
cure, no
might only
fear, born out
of incarnation reincarnate,
Mary can’t help those
after, forever
far Rose spreads thin,
post treatment, stacks
pillars hounds form, waves
of gas among
plasma dust, even hidden
red shifts
to green
for her glow, diamonds
can’t be said to
sparkle after
flame and flow
of her, and
millions of misleading years
can’t deny concealing the
art of radiation.

for more about the rosette nebula: wiki ((also, make sure to check out monoceros))

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