Monday, September 28, 2009


((Finally-finally, thanks to the sharp eye of C.H.))

selfish-esteem business booms
stocks soar no accountability
for age recession for complaint
for badness bear holey right
socks but they ask blood for
basics beg attention all turns
twist break bone then skin to
bask in beautiful tone propaganda
the boys into late nights in lofts
laps and lingering
i thought she
was in love
print pamphlets on
the subject of she’s pie charts
line graphs explaining how
exponential need be in minds
like these the sorts represented
across a nation’s windows
programmed to weigh below
120, hip = bust, iq (<) complexion
mathematics skin-centered
society what difference between
blemish-free actress selling
lipstick t-shirt bottled water and
her beaming grandmother poster-
printed heiling for genocide
takes breasts low body fat to
pitch the product eye locked on
boy-prize proclaim the notch
above and SMILE so her tears
burn passersby who hear i’m not
allowed to have fun
theories in
meaning-over-makeup: beauty
contests prettied-up penis envy
betray all allies boost sales and
swear your target peace of mind

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