Friday, February 27, 2009

the unnatural scale

but where
did we float on this sea of sound?
jetsammy davis jr. might hold
the truth of evolution, but he
can’t even be seen anymore. ironic
for a man who couldn’t really see well
in the first place. we one-eye-balled
into devolution. lost track of the devil.
then daniel johnston. what i mean to say is
i agree, sir. heard word there’s a circle
where we follow back down laddered language
‘til cavemen mock our grunts and simplicity. i agree
jimi put clapton in his place, but you know townshend
won’t back down ‘til underground and why not
mention paler fingers plucking? holcomb’s banjo led
long fingers to short and all they see are
breasts and plastic surgery but
bet with eyes closed dolly could quote roscoe.
one up him, even. (dylan wouldn’t cite her, though.
hop the train to another town to tell them
you carried bound bandana on a stick
when first class was the way.
the difference doesn’t figure out
(and here’s to every song you twirled to
to make the record skip ‘n’ scratch.)
shake again like little.
two sugars,
no milk,
made irish,
but you know
the color
don’t change.

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