Wednesday, December 17, 2008

fast forward

((i think my stomach noises may cause an uproar of another sort in this here computer lab...))

(((pee-ess: pick up a copy of ubiquitous if you haven't yet. i might even go all ellery and sign it for you.)))

he could have your hair sweaty
hands ever-present close
clamp beds and buy a better every
things hold higher less adaptation
is underrated you be darwin i'll
be the weaker species declassify
recollection still find fractals along
my skin seek cells within cells
within me isn't there room
for tiny hands they might sweat
like mine no mis-hearings no
misfirings none of my selfish shaking
mistakes might she learn a little
waltz wander out swagger whistle
never whisper call shy sassy slant-
eye i would try now to stop the
drinking smoking slighting if
you like more practical promising
budget balance weigh words well-
wish no curses swear eventuality
i might love him more she might
be my all hold fast fistfuls of
grass bed gap television on too
long just hold my sweaty hands your
hair has always been my favorite.

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