Sunday, December 21, 2008


leather jackets change the mind
of even the toga’d
girl beyond grace
drape you in dull blue
dream see that your organs
belong to this musical world
your j-name all decibels and
nervous flicking of marb reds
demands seem charm
but hear a voice singing thigh
accidents ruin dreams of
japanese babies burnt marshmallow-
ringed mouths and l’s as y’s thought
i sought damseldom five-year-
olds never know and if they do take
my eyes ears all i lost stuck
cigarettes in the treasure box purple
respect never intended for this to
extend beyond point a your accidental
runway propels you to admired
wish i could ask you to messenge:
giant clothespin paperwork with three
carbon copies wasted $1000
recovery doesn’t begin with
intent to heal hurt opt for
fainting over running mad
every inch steams higher ‘til
boiling like wilderness survival
is trial living forgotten
i will never be your friend
no waif light-skulled dark-
skinned loose-smiled forget
dreams for kept company no
confidence unsex yourself
tomorrow pump out tears toward
me you chose black
leather you chose fuck you
you chose why not just drop
the baton girl you can’t have
distance once he’s through
keys must jingle lights must
glare voice must crack silence
soothes explanation re-rips
a ready-gaping hole designed
that way yes not so wide
swallow words after no
is not enough and screams
don’t cross your mind blameblame
push off mother pumped her own
tears fears pushed further than
fair hold tight to remainders like
math he will want those too add
up what little he left nights and
noons fear midday walks to necessity
what if he’s there with his growing
hair and need to spread lies does it
hurt for me to ignorant and laugh
show my crooked brilliant teeth else
where while he tries to eye me your
constancy despite connection finds
you fair game for acts for which
they hit people in the head with
bricks leave them to die because
all crime boils to theft he steals jesus
girl i will beg if you might open one
and close another he tears i still
shut when they ask if action will be
taken will i man up after being made
so very much a woman after what
was stolen i don’t want the rest in
today why worry for you your face
too angelic your thoughts too clear
thirteen beers couldn’t hit hard enough
for you to not scream not claw not
weep i only didn’t i only complied don’t
eat overeat 73 pages key in palm
consideration of lock note a no quill no
dream fuck punk fuck drinks fuck
dance fuck you fuck sheets fuck bed
fuck no.

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